ExSTINK! A totally non-toxic, natural way to eliminate organic odors!
ExSTINK, a non-toxic pet cat dog and smoke odor remover!
Frequently asked questions answered here.

Tired of that stale cigarette smell when you get in your vehicle?
Have a family member who stinks or smokes and you want to clear the air?
Do you have pets that are stinky?
Is your trash bin a little ripe?
What's that foul smell in your fridge?
Does your bullet proof vest have the foul smell of perspiration?
Did your pet have an accident on your carpet?
How do I get the skunk smell off my dog?
Is there a dead rodent smell in your walls?
Do you need to clean up the odors from a crime scene?
Is your drain smelling like something died down there?
Did your baby puke or throw up on the couch?
Are you a hunter and going deer hunting? Rub it all over your body.
What's that stinky stain on your carpet?
Did your cat pee in a corner or on the couch?
Did your dog do a no-no in your family room?
Are you a police, DEA, FBI or CIA oficer with a stinky bullet proof vest, car or truck?

ExSTINK will eliminate those odors for good!
Just put some on a tray and place where the odor source is or sprinkle some on the carpet or wherever and vacuum up in a couple hours and NO more stink! This stuff works great!! 1000 times more powerful than baking soda!!!

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1-Q: How much do I use?
2-Q: Does ExSTINK have any odor?
3-Q: What does the term "GUARANTEED" mean?
4-Q: Will the powder damage my carpet in any way?
5-Q: What happens if ExSTINK gets wet?
6-Q: Will ExSTINK work on thick upholstery, overstuffed sofas, foam cushions and down pillows?
7-Q: Will breathing the dust harm anyone?
8-Q: Is there any chemical reaction when used with carpet cleaning chemicals?
9-Q: Will any vacuum pick up all of the ExSTINK powder from down inside the carpet?
10-Q: Are there any odors ExSTINK will not eliminate?
11-Q: What is the shelf life?
12-Q: Why should I remove the hepa-filter in my canister vac?
13-Q: Why is ExSTINK better than all of the others?
14-Q: Does ExSTINK void any carpet warranty?

1-Q: How much should I use?
A: The following is recommended for most common carpet and household odors, such as urine, mildew, vomit, fish, smoke, pets, garbage, animal or vegetable decomposition, etc.:


(1) Carpet (100 sq. ft.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.5 lb.
(2) Mattresses & Sofas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 lb.
(3) Pillows & Cushions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1/2 lb.
(4) Litter Trays/Pet Areas/Diaper Pails . . 1/4 lb. each change
(5) Cat Urine pee spot . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 lb.
(6) Fish Tanks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 TBLSP per 10 gal.


(1) All Rooms (up to 300 sq. ft.) . . . . . . . . 2 lb.
(2) Musty Basements/Smoking rooms . . . . 1 lb.
(3) Autos/Buses/Vans/RVs/Boats . . . . . . . 1 lb.
(4) Lockers/Suitcases/Hampers/Closets . . 1/2 lb.
(5) Refrigerators/Freezers/Pantries . . . . . . .1/2 lb.
(6) Shoes/Boots/Socks/Clothing . . . . . . . . 1/4 lb.
(7) Fish Tanks . . . . . . . . . . .2 TBLSP per 10 gal.

2-Q: Does ExSTINK have any odor?
A: NO. ExSTINK has absolutely no odor of its own, nor does it leave any scent after use. After treatment, the carpet and room should smell fresh and clean.

3-Q: What does the term "GUARANTEED" mean?
A: ExSTINK carries a "satisfaction, money-back guarantee." This means that if a customer is not satisfied that they have less odors, their money will be refunded. Just send back your container with any unused product and you will be reimbursed only the cost of the product. No shipping fees will be refunded. To date, we have not had to refund any customers. If you need assistance, contact us for help on how to use this natural mineral.

4-Q: Will the powder damage my carpet in any way?
A: NO. The ExSTINK powder is so fine, there is no grit, like sand, which can damage carpet. ExSTINK will not damage any carpet, even if left in heavy traffic lanes.

5-Q: What happens if ExSTINK gets wet?
A: No problem. ExSTINK may be applied to wet, or even flooded, carpets. Water is more a friend than foe to ExSTINK. ExSTINK is sold to the plumbing and aquarium industries for use underwater. When plumbers go out on a sewer backup call, ExSTINK is sprinkled directly into raw sewage. ExSTINK immediately begins eliminating odors from both the sewer water and the room environment. By the time the plumbers leave, odors are usually all gone.

ExSTINK is also sold to pet stores and aquariums in a gravel form which covers aquarium floors. ExSTINK eliminates ammonia in the tank water caused by fish urine. More and more water purification companies are using ExSTINK in well water and storage tanks. For them, ExSTINK is packaged in various size plastic mesh sacks. These sacks are placed in wells and large storage tanks like large tea bags, eliminating all bad odors from the water, giving it back a good, natural taste.

When applied to wet carpets, ExSTINK will cake up and appear muddy. However, when it dries it returns to a fine powder which is easily vacuumed. It will not stain any carpet. Any residue may be easily removed by wiping with a damp sponge mop. ExSTINK may be applied directly on pet urine, even when soaking wet.

  6-Q: Will ExSTINK work on thick upholstery, overstuffed sofas, foam cushions and down pillows?
A: YES. ExSTINK is excellent at removing sofa, upholstery & pillow odors caused by pets, vomit, urine, mildew, cigarette smoke, fish, perspiration and more -- almost always in just one hour. For overstuffed sofas, mattresses and pillows, sprinkle liberally over one side. If odor persists, reapply. NOTE: ExSTINK will not work on plastic or latex fabrics. Plastic is an insulator, like the factory container. ExSTINK will only remove odors from the surfaces of plastic carpet or upholstery.

7-Q: Will breathing the dust harm anyone?
A: As with any dust in the air, you shouldn't breath it in. It may get a little dusty when applying the PinkEXstink powder and it is advisable to wear a respirator or dust mask. The powder is a heavy dust and will settle in minutes.

8-Q: Is there any chemical reaction when used with carpet cleaning chemicals?
A: NO. ExSTINK is a non-reactive mineral which has absolutely no reaction to any chemicals, enzymes, acids, alkalies, compounds or sprays -- regardless of their reactivity with other matter or products.

9-Q: Will any vacuum pick up all of the ExSTINK powder from down inside the carpet?
A: Most vacuums are quite capable of holding 1-2 lbs. of ExSTINK before changing bags. However, some inexpensive upright home vacuums may be very weak and may not accept more than 1 pound. Some bags may plug up easily while others are so porous they release dust. We have experienced no problems lifting ExSTINK with commercial vacuums. Don't be too concerned about picking up every last bit of ExSTINK. It has no grit and will not harm carpets -- even if left in traffic lanes. Leaving some ExSTINK inside the carpet will control room odors 24 hours a day.

10-Q: Are there any odors ExSTINK will not eliminate?
A: YES. ExSTINK is a mineral with a negative ion charge. Odor gases having a like charge, e.g., gasoline & other petroleum products, chemicals, paint, etc., are not affected. Only odors having a positive charge are absorbed by ExSTINK -- such as urine, vomit, mildew, smoke, garbage, all forms of decomposition, etc.

11-Q: What is the shelf life?
A: ExSTINK does not carry an expiration date because, after packaging from the factory, its shelf life is measured in terms of decades. In the factory container, ExSTINK will retain full strength for over 20 years.

12-Q: Why should I remove the hepa-filter in my canister vac?
A: If you use a canister vac, BE SURE TO remove the hepa-filter before vacuuming up the powder. The pours of the hepa-filters are so small and will plug up because of the fine consistancy of the powder. vacuuming prior to steam cleaning is not necessary, although it is recemmended.

13-Q: Why is ExSTINK better than all of the others?
A: (1): OZONE MACHINES: (a) Expensive. Ozone machines cost $500 & up; (b) They require an operator; (c) Over-use can cause damage to fabrics and upholstery; (d) The fumes emitted are toxic and persons cannot work in same room while the machine is operating; (e) Because ozone machines process the room air by sucking it in one end, like a vacuum cleaner, treating it with a static charge, and then returning it to the room, this leaves a "burnt" smell in exchange for the odor you eliminated. Airing out the room following an ozone treatment is usually appropriate.

(2) CHEMICAL SPRAYS: (a) These sprays are expensive and require labor costs to apply. (b) They don't last long. (c) They work best on cigarette smoke, but fall short on urine, vomit and other odors. These shortcomings alone are enough to eliminate it as a serious alternative to ExSTINK.

(3) ENZYMES: Enzymes are applied wet, and they are toxic. More important, they don't always work well against strong odors.

(4) BAKING SODA (Sodium Bicarbonate): This is fine for eliminating odors in refrigerators, shoes and for other small jobs. Baking Soda has been sold in the cleaning supply industry for many years and also at pet stores in kitty litter. But, that's as far as it goes. Baking Soda is not strong enough to compete with ExSTINK, nor will it adsorb odors over and above ammonia, refrigerators and shoes. Moreover, it cannot be used in combination with any enzyme treatment because a chemical reaction between the two renders them ineffective.

(5) ZEOLITE: Zeolite will not hold more than a natural ion charge. ExSTINK holds the highest natural ion charge of any matter known. Moreover, the Zeolite structure has a lattice (tunnel) diameter far less than that of ExSTINK. In every laboratory and field test conducted, the ExSTINK mineral accepts a higher volume of gases and variety of odors.

  14-Q: Does ExSTINK void any carpet warranty?
A: YES-- but only relating to Scotchguard, Teflon & other ionic coatings used to resist stains. The reason ExSTINK nullifies the warranty is because all Scotchguard & Teflon applications have a "positive" ion charge which bonds the product to the carpet fibers. ExSTINK's negative charge reverses the polarity of the positively charged Scotchguard. In any case, the nullification of the warranty is moot because ExSTINK should only be used on carpets which have already been damaged due to mildew, urine, vomit, water, etc. and, hence, the warranty is already void.

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