How to remove cat pee smell or urine odors from cement concrete or woods floors.

First, the source of the odor needs to be removed from the area. That means that the animal that is urinating on the floor must be kept from doing this so that the work can begin and no new pee is added during the extraction of the bad smell.

If there is carpet, it needs to be cleaned on the surface with a good carpet cleaner using an anti-bacteria soap to kill any bacteria build up.

While the floor is still damp, liberally sprinkle the Pink ExSTINK over the area. Let this sit over night and sweep up or vacuum the next day.

The problem:
When an animal urinates on carpet, the urine will soak down through the carpet and into the wood or concrete underneath. This creates another very difficult situation because when urine dries, it crystallizes. These crystals of urine hold the odors until a humid day when the humidity breaks down the crystals and releases the odors.

The solution:
Pull back or completely remove the carpet. (more than likely the carpet will need to be replaced anyway, if not, clean the back side of the carpet) Once this is done, scrub the wood or concrete floor with lots of anti-baceria soap and water. Using an 8 to 1 solution of water and bleach will kill any bacteria (This is what the crime scene cleanup people do). Spray mist the wash boards also. Doing this will kill any bacteria and the moisture will break down any crystals of urine. While the floor is damp, completely cover the area with the powder, putting more in the stinkier places and along walls and wash boards. Let this sit for 24 hours. Sweep up the ExSTINK powder that is now saturated with the odor. If any odor is still present, mop or spray mist the flooring until moist again and reapply the ExSTINK powder. After 24 hours, sweep up. Two applications will do the trick in most bad situations. Re-apply again if needed.

The key to getting rid of the pee smell is to get everything wet enough to break down the crystalized urine. Once you feel it can't get any wetter, then apply the powder. Remember, the urine has probably soaked deep down into the flooring, so you will have to get the floor wet enough to go as far as the urine had.

The powder is a natural mineral that readily absorbs moisture and your first application will pull out the moisture you applied to the floor. So you must get everything really wet again for your second application. Maybe use a 25 to 1 solution of water and bleach for the second wetting.

This process has been proven to work hundreds of times in homes and crime scenes!

Please use a respirator while working with the powder and bleech to assure safety.

After you are satisfied that no more odors are present (and you will be), for safe measure, sprinkle a thin layer of ExSTINK over the entire floor before laying down the new carpet pad and carpet. It won't hurt the carpet and if any odors do become present, they will be absorbed.

This odor extraction procedure has been very effective in thousands of homes since we started distributing the Pink ExSTINK throughout the United States in 1992.

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